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You are welcome!


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This feature is available in the Beta version. Please, try to use it here: http://torrent2exe.com/beta/


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Could you please specify your request? Have you tried to download the same torrent by using another one client? What browser do you use?

It is possible, if you use the beta service available here http://torrent2exe.com/beta/index.php. If your download stops, please, click on the button "More",  select the option "Remove torrent". (In this case you can save already downloaded datas. Otherwise, if you choose the option "Remove torrent and downloaded files", all downloaded information will be erased). After that, please, try to find the same torrent on the another one tracker. You will be able to download the rest of  your datas without replacing of the already saved files.

Indeed, choosing separate files within a torrent is only possible when the latter's executable is created with Torrent2Exe 2 (presently a beta service available here - http://torrent2exe.com/beta/).

Extracting .torrent files themselves, though, is impossible in any case. After all, the whole idea is to do without any Clients.

Dear Sir, could you please, specify your request?