Topic: port forwarding idiot ;]

Hi Men,

Great site thanks!
I am getting speeds of around 13kb/s (good torrent seed ratios -timed overnight) I have a 3MB line this is normal right?
would it be an advantage to forward the ports?
what about privacy- cant see anything on the site about this very important Ques.
Please please please if your going to give instructions on anything- do it like your explaining it to a 5 year old!
Many sites loose out because people get fed up being treated as if they'r IT experts! simple complete idiot instructions please!


Re: port forwarding idiot ;]

Dear TorrentExeFan,
Thank you for your feedback! Downloading speed of files thru BitTorrent protocol may depend on many circumstances. Correct port forwarding provides beneficent conditions for good downloading/uploading of files. You can check your port forwarding by launching your Torrent2Exe client and visiting our port checker at:, where X is port number you want to check.

Also, you can take a look at the port forwarding guide at