Topic: Torrent2exe will not run

Thanks for a great product.  It's worked great for a week, but now I cannot even start the program.

I have downloaded several large files from a flight sim scenery site ( nl2000 v4) and the torrent2exe has been great. The site provides the torrentexe file to download, I click the downloaded icon...great for a dummy like me.

Last night I tried to download the last three files, but after I click, there is a quick windows message "running" but the torrnt2exe program never loads. The icon for the program no longer loads at startup, so I am not able to help out by uoloading. Even the icons for files successfully downloaded earlier will not successfully start.

Task manager shows t2exe as running, but does not stop it when ordered. Add/remove programs does not find the program. I have downloaded the torrent
program from your site, creates desktop icon, but same result ( brief
"running"message...gone before I can read it) .  I have tried with firewall and virus
Scan disabled and same result.  I am certain the problem is with me, and not the program!

I am not too smart with computers and have run out of ideas! Any help greatly appreciated, and regardless, thanks for a wonderful program that worked great on 6/9
very large downloads.


Re: Torrent2exe will not run

Dear User!

You should find the Torrent2exe folder on the disc C:/Documents and Settings/Application data  and remove it completely. After that, please try reinstalling  the Torrent2exe client again.

Best regards,