Topic: torrent2exe popups at startup

Hi, when i startup my computer, i get about 15 pop up windows saying "this torrent has already been downloaded" or somthing like that, and i have to 'x' out of them all, and then about 2 or 3 torrent windows pop up and start downloading (torrents that are already downloaded).

Im wondering if there is a way to stop all popups from torrent2exe when booting up windows.  Unchecking the box that says 'resume at reboot' does nothing, they are still poping up.  I always use the 'normal' size if that helps


Re: torrent2exe popups at startup

Dear User, you should try removing the already downloaded torrent files from the list of your downloads.

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Re: torrent2exe popups at startup

i had download.exe files scattered in all kinds of folders, and those must have been starting up.  Searched for them all and removed them and now it stopped, thanks

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Re: torrent2exe popups at startup

Type "msconfig" goto "startup" tab and uncheck those not needed/unnecessary to start.

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