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Type "msconfig" goto "startup" tab and uncheck those not needed/unnecessary to start.


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silent2nja wrote:

Im kinda new to this but your program is a great way to download torrents if the Something like e.g. ALT+F11 and it opens the tray icon(this is an example). THANKS

One more functionality would be to convert the "minimize" button to "minimize to tray" button. And there should not be any "close" button rather an "exit" option in the "right click" context menu.

The exe file must be both small & functional like uTorrent.

I have been using uTorrent since years. And suddenly switched to Torrent.exe. I've a lot of torrents downloaded partially. It would be great If I could resume them in some way using Torrent.exe.



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thatguy2223 wrote:

This would be a great start to setup something like Bittorrent-DNA.
I would like to see commands to specify the download location and a run command to have it open a exe after download.
Torrent2EXE.exe -P: 8080 -D: C:\temp -R: C:\temp\setup.exe
-D Download location.
-R Run after download.
-P Port number to use to connect to torrents.

This will be awesome. Add this feature into the exe file please...


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genioefollia wrote:

Hi all!
For example I'd like to download a tv show in 10 episodes that are loaded on tracker in different moments, ex 5 torrent with 2 episodes each.

I would also want this feature. This feature would be gr8