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Please, open the Torrent2exe client --> menu Tools--> Language and select Russian.


I want to make the Torrent2exe on Russian !!! How I can make it in my installed program?


Dear User!  Many thanks for your suggestion. We'll include the English Language file into our Torrent2exe application v 2.0 which is available for downloads from our web site  in the nearest future. Additionally, we'll inform you when this task is ready in this topic. If you also would like to translate the Language file  into German, you can send your variant to our support e-mail:   We'll consider it. We thank you for your cooperation very much.



The Torrent2exe Beta Application has only russian Language File included.
I'd like to ask you, if you can send me the english Language File, so I can translate it into German.
If you like I also translate your website to german.


Torrent2exe forum » General forum » German language » Post new reply

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