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Dear Sir, you should try to do the following actions:
1. Please, begin to download 2 torrent files simultaneously. In this case you will be able to open the main program interface of the Torrent2exe application which will be hidden in the tray.
2. Open the Tools menu --> Torrent2exe options and check "Enable NAT-PMP port  mapping", also disable the option "Randomize on each start".
3. Please, download one of the NAT programs, for example from this web site: … waav.html.
4. Select the port number which is used in the Torrent2exe client and use the same port number by the setting of the connections redirection in the NAT program.

You comments and suggestions are welcome!


i tried, but i don't see i can use proxy... where will that be?  add peer?


This feature is available in the Beta version. Please, try to use it here:


that way, we could use tunneling (ie., ssh connection)

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